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2020.06.30 - 2021.06.30
At, it does not matter where you stand; as a visitor you click to enter, scroll to look around, and zoom in to study an artwork at a closer view.
The exhibition offers the Web as a new art venue for the Post-Corona age, and proposes utterly mundane every-day actions as a mode of art appreciation. A click brings the artworks into sight; a scroll dispels them in an instant; and a zoom-in examines them down to a single pixel. All is left to the unrestrained actions of the visitor.
The rise of the pandemic has brought on a wave of change to the art sphere. Non-contact platforms have never been so widely adapted in exhibitions as they are now. A crucial limitation is left unaddressed, however; the Web has functioned as a mere supplement to the genuine exhibition until now, and fails to provide a substantial artistic experience.
Consequently, it has mostly played a limited role as the physical exhibition’s substitute or an artwork archive.
Contrarily, addresses the limitation of the Web by actually expanding its functions. Exhibits are classified with the actions of clicking, scrolling, and zooming. Visitors’ physical movements used to explore artwork in the offline sphere are converted to interactive activities in the online sphere. Visitors may access the exhibition anywhere they please as anonymous entities, and are given more liberty to browse the Web. The exhibition aims to provide new possibilities of how artworks featured on the Web may engage with visitors, overcoming the need for physical actuality.